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No Man's Land is an eerily dark game. Literally. Frantically scramble through the dark to save those who are losing life by the minute, while keeping you own light bright enough to guide you. In co-op, strive for the greatest longevity and saving the most you can.

Take bodies to the correct armies, and collect oil jars to keep your lamp full.


  • Kennith Cobble: Music - Sound Effects - Design - User Experience
  • Austin Stephen: Gas Wall - Death - Scoring
  • Kyle Sorenson: Tutorial Design - Body Drag Prototype - Game Over
  • Kenden Nelson: Candle Logic - Input Mapping - Designer - Director
  • Beth Nelson: Reference Images - Art Assistant - Moral Support
  • Bre Sorenson: Art Director - All Animations - All Models - All Props - Story - Design
  • Mitchell Sorenson: Sticker of Things Together - Bug Creator - Eventual Cohesion of Elements - Level Design - Lighting


Developed during Utah Game Jam 2017 (bugs fixed reduced after)

Known Issues:

  • Poor performance on weaker GPUs. Caused by high draw calls and no batching. (It was a Game Jam remember? All our sloppy tendencies come out.)


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